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​You get what you pay for! Please read the whole article.
I have a lot of people contact us looking for $100-$300 dog, because they want “just a pet”. I know these people will ultimately go elsewhere, but I try to respond to every email, message, phone call etc. in detail and try to educate and explain why our dogs cost what they do. There is a huge difference between a $200 dog and a $600–$1000 dog.

You truly do get what you pay for.

The $200 dog will typically come from a backyard breeder that does no health testing and provides the bare minimum of care for their puppies and will generally sell their puppies to anyone that shows up with the cash. These are the dogs that typically end up in shelters, looking for new homes or on death row. These are the true “Greeders” of the breeding world that have no regard to the health of the animals they are breeding and the puppies they are producing. They are legitimately breeding for money. They are typically just as uneducated as the buyers purchasing the puppies. Unsuspecting buyers think they are getting a good deal because they got a purebred dog for much cheaper! Unfortunately there are no “good deals” on dogs…like I said earlier you get what you pay for and ultimately you are paying for heart break. We spend tons of money on Labrador disease panels. Labradors are susceptible to many genetic diseases: Exercise-Induced Collapse, Degenerative Myelopathy, Progressive Rod-Code Degeneration, Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Skeletal Dysplasia, Retinal Dysplasia, Oculoskeletal Dysplasia, and Centronuclear Myopathy just to name a few. 
The $1000 dog comes from a breeder who has spent months prior to breeding just researching pedigr
ees to find the right match for their dog. They spend thousands on their dogs to complete health clearances to try to ensure they are only breeding healthy, quality dogs. Then comes the stud fees and breeding fees which also can cost the breeder thousands. There is an unbelievable amount of time and effort invested into these puppies before they are even conceived. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that a whelping goes as planned and doesn’t end up in a $1200-5000 emergency c-section. A reputable breeder provides the top of the line care for their dogs and puppies. They will ALWAYS stand by their puppies and will ALWAYS welcome them back to their homes.

Also most of the breeders that sell you cheaper end dogs will not even speak to you after you have made the purchase. I check up on my dogs regularly and if you have any issues at all i will work with you to fix the issue or make things right. You're more then welcome to go on my facebook page and read all the reviews or even contact the people that have purchased dogs from me. For example if you get a $100-$300 dog and its get parvo or any other common virus the first vet bill alone is going to cost $200-$1000. Also the breeder you got the dog from will more then likely not try to help or even try to make things right. I run into this from people all the time who have to face this dilima because they didnt want to spend the extra money to get a quality dog from a quality breed. Please just GOOGLE some of the diseases from the picture below that is from one of my dogs. You can see that it is all Clear. But most of the backyard breeders do not even test for this and if you get two dogs that carry this disease they will have affected puppies and you will not know it till later down the road most of the time and later down road it will cost you BIG time.  PLEASE research the diseases in the below picture.

Black/yellow: $600

Chocolates: $700

Silver/charcoal: $1000

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